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Sherbert Fan Parodies

Welcome to this journal. Here is where you’ll find the latest updates about Sherbert’s fan produced parodies, music videos, and various thoughts about anime fandom. Now you may ask just what the hell is Sherbert? Well we went to anime conventions and clubs during the 90s showing off fan parodies we dubbed. Take a look at the link below to get yourself familiar with one of our parodies.


We’re planning on posting more of our projects, but at the moment I’m a bit busy with trying to complete our eleventh project called “Mighty Morphin Iczer Rangers.” The original anime is based on “Iczelion” which is pretty old and I doubt very much anyone remembers it. I can say it involves pretty girls, courtesy breast shots, explosions, and “South Park.” More information will be given as things draw to a close. Hopefully our website will be returning soon so we can give you a more detailed background on our past projects. For now, if anyone has any specific questions then feel free to ask.



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